Studio Heather

Meet The Artist

Heather graduated Magna Cum Laude from Boston University with a B.F.A. in sculpture in 1999. She taught high school art and assisted in an art classroom for children with multiple disabilities at the Perkins School for the Blind while she pursued her studio teaching certification. In 2000 she was commissioned to create Noctiluna, a three-dimensional drawing of an illuminated jellyfish made of multiple panels of light. It remains a permanent installation in the Photonics Center Research Laboratories in Boston.

Heather has always been an avid sailor and has lived all over the world sailing or coaching sailing. Her love of the water brought her eventually to settle on the San Francisco Bay, where she was able to find a community of sailors, boatbuilders, woodworkers and artists that felt like home. She coached sailing at the St. Francis Yacht Club, then managed the Industrial Design and Architecture model-making studio at the California College of the Arts from 2001-2003. Since 2003 she has been busy raising her daughter Ava Louise, born October 31, 2003 and son Julius Graham, born January 10, 2006 and has turned her artistic focus toward portraiture, both drawing and photography, especially of children.

Heather loves living and working aboard her 1926 Monterey fishing trawler Famiglia Santa in Sausalito, California, with Ava, Julius and their dog Wolfgang. She spends most of her time in awe of her surroundings, in love with her children, getting messy, and messing around in boats.